Zum Verhältnis von Neoliberalisierung und Postnationalisierung in der Stadtpolitik

Mathias Rodatz | Goethe-Universität Frankfurt

Vor­trag am 18.6.2011 im Rah­men des Work­shops »Per­spec­tives of Cri­ti­cal Migra­tion Rese­arch« in Göttingen

As a set of ideas, insti­tu­ti­ons and prac­tices ‚»the state« is not neces­sa­rily dra­wing on the con­cept of the nation in reac­tion to migra­tion but rather resem­bles an arena for strugg­les over ques­ti­ons of mobi­li­ties and iden­ti­ties. Con­se­quently, today’s urban poli­tics of migra­tion may be under­s­tood as a part of this arena, where new rela­ti­ons of sta­ten­ess and migra­tion are assem­bled. As such it may allow for insights into the fate of post-national con­cepts of migra­tion as they become stan­dar­di­zed and are mobi­li­zed as epis­te­mo­lo­gies for urban regu­la­tion wit­hin a frame­work of neo­li­be­ral governance.

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