Field trip during the ICCG VI – »Reordering the city«

Frankfurts glocal meeting points with neoliberalization

Short field trip during the ICCG VI (Frank­furt, 16–20 August 2011), orga­ni­zed by DFG rese­arch group »Reor­de­ring the City« (Iris Dzudzek, Nadine Mar­quardt, Mathias Rodatz, Felix Silomon-Pflug)

During this gui­ded tour through Frank­furt we will get to know a selec­tion of »glo­bal« pla­ces that are shaped by glo­bal, social, and eco­no­mic deve­lop­ments as well as by their very spe­ci­fic local and his­to­ric urban con­text. Frank­furt (con­side­red to be the only Ger­man glo­bal city) is cha­rac­te­ri­zed by an intense exploi­ta­tion of capi­tal, high rents, inter­na­tio­na­lity, mobi­lity, and tra­ces of heavy dein­dus­tria­liza­tion pro­ces­ses. Glo­bal, social, poli­ti­cal and eco­no­mic deve­lop­ments are always uneven and con­tes­ted at the local level. The pla­ces we will visit during our tour are a »cross­roads« of hete­ro­ge­neous deve­lop­ments where cur­rent urban pro­blems and deve­lop­ment stra­te­gies vividly show their inter­ac­tion with social, poli­ti­cal, and eco­no­mic chan­ges in the city of Frank­furt. At dif­fe­rent sites of the city we will dis­cuss the effec­ting pro­ces­ses: revi­ta­liza­tion, eco­no­miza­tion, pri­va­tiza­tion and marginalization.

Start: 2 pm; Mee­ting point: Room K I/II

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