Veranstaltungshinweis | New Post-Migrant Socialities

Rethinking Urban Leisure Publics in the Context of Diversity and Dominance

Con­fe­rence | 24 — 26 Janu­ary 2013 | Goethe-University Frank­furt | orga­ni­zed by Prof. Kira Kosnick

The final con­fe­rence of the pro­ject explo­res post-migrant socia­li­tes in urban con­texts by brin­ging toge­ther scho­lars from dif­fe­rent disci­pli­nary per­spec­tives. It aims at con­tri­bu­ting fur­ther to the dis­cus­sions about theo­re­ti­cal approa­ches to sexua­lity, race, eth­ni­city and urban space.

While cities have for some time been hai­led and stu­died as labo­ra­to­ries of human diver­sity and inter­cul­tu­ral encoun­ter in public urban space, the ways in which eth­nic and racia­li­zed mino­ri­ties par­ti­ci­pate in, sub­vert, nego­tiate and thus con­tri­bute to public urban set­tings have recei­ved sur­pri­sin­gly little atten­tion. Even though encoun­tering stran­gers, people unknown to one ano­ther, forms a cen­tral part of the (ide­al­ty­pi­cal) urban expe­ri­ence of public space, the con­tri­bu­ti­ons of eth­nic and/or racia­li­zed mino­ri­ties to urban space have hardly been addres­sed with regard to the for­ma­tion and trans­for­ma­ti­ons of urban publics. The ter­mi­no­logy of ghet­tos, eth­nic or ‘mixed’ neigh­bourhoods, com­mu­nities and encla­ves pre­vails when it comes to descri­bing their pre­sence and par­ti­ci­pa­tion in urban space. The ‘stran­gen­ess’ they rep­re­sent is almost always con­side­red in terms of social and cul­tu­ral dis­tance, as Sim­mel once defined it, and not in terms of stran­ger rela­tio­na­lity as it per­tains to urban publics. Yet, see­king deli­be­rate encoun­ters with stran­gers as unknown others in urban space is a cen­tral appeal of ‘going out’ lei­sure activi­ties in cities. We chal­lenge that this holds also and maybe even par­ti­cu­larly true for those urban resi­dents who form part of eth­nic, racia­li­zed but also sexual mino­ri­ties. How and under what con­di­ti­ons do they con­tri­bute to and par­ti­ci­pate in urban publics? This con­fe­rence cen­tres around addres­sing forms and con­di­ti­ons of deli­be­rate stran­ger rela­tio­na­lity among eth­nic and racia­li­zed mino­ri­ties in urban space, focu­sing on but also bran­ching out from post­mi­grant and eth­nic lei­sure con­texts in urban Europe. We the­reby seek to inter­vene in dif­fe­rent (inter)disciplinary fields con­cer­ned with migra­tion, racism and eth­nic diver­sity, youth cul­tures, con­tem­porary urban deve­lop­ment and what Richard Sen­nett once ter­med the ‘Fall of Public Man’.

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