CFP| Borders, migration crisis

Workshop | CCGES Transatlantic Forum 2013

 York Uni­ver­sity, Toronto, Nov 29/30 2013

Bor­ders and migra­tion are often lin­ked to cri­ses in mul­ti­ple ways. Cur­rent dis­cus­sions about the par­tial reintro­duc­tion of bor­der con­trols in the EU, for example, are lin­ked to the Euro-crisis — they are reac­tions to an eco­no­mic cri­sis and accom­pa­nied by blame-shifting on migrant others and a dif­fe­rent scale of gover­nance. They also draw on dis­cour­ses of cri­sis — a »cri­sis of immi­gra­tion« or of the asylum sys­tem in the EU. They rep­re­sent a poli­ti­cally and dis­cur­si­vely crea­ted crisis.

They are lin­ked to poli­ti­cal uphea­vals around the Medi­ter­ra­nean.  They can be viewed as a mul­ti­ple huma­ni­ta­rian cri­sis — in the coun­tries of ori­gin, on the tran­sit rou­tes like the Medi­ter­ra­nean and in the migrant detention cen­tres across the EU. And finally, they are lin­ked to a manu­fac­tu­red »cri­sis of mul­ti­cul­tu­ra­lism« in some EU countries.

Such con­nec­tions do not only exist in the EU, but they cha­rac­te­rise much of migra­tion and bor­der policy across the world, in North Ame­rica as much as in the EU and Africa.

In this work­shop, we would like to explore these dif­fe­rent con­nec­tions bet­ween cri­sis, migra­tion and bor­ders, both in cur­rent exam­ples and their genea­lo­gies. A spe­cial focus will be on com­pa­ri­sons bet­ween the German/European and North Ame­ri­can settings.

We wel­come expres­si­ons of inte­rest and abstracts with a dead­line of Oct 20th. We have some fun­ding for par­ti­ci­pants from Ger­many, but very limited fun­ding avail­able for North Ame­ri­can par­ti­ci­pants. The work­shop is orga­nised at the Cana­dian Centre for Ger­man and Euro­pean Stu­dies at York Uni­ver­sity, Toronto. Con­tact John Kann­an­ku­lam (Marburg/York, and Ulrich Best (York,

The annual Trans­at­lan­tic Forum work­shops at the Cana­dian Centre for Ger­man and Euro­pean Stu­dies are desi­gned to bring toge­ther inter­di­sci­pli­nary and inter­na­tio­nal groups of scho­lars and to enable rese­arch on a wide range of topics in cur­rent Ger­man and Euro­pean studies.

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