Neuerscheinung | Urban (In)Security: Policing the Neoliberal Crisis

Vol­ker Eick And Ken­dra Bri­ken (Hg.); Red Quill Books

insecurity The neo­li­be­ra­liza­tion of poli­cing and the poli­cing of neo­li­be­ra­liza­tion are world­wide pheno­mena. While the first trend effects the orga­niza­tion of poli­cing, the second trend brings about new poli­cing stra­te­gies exe­cu­ted by state police, com­mer­cial secu­rity con­trac­tors and by non­pro­fit police forces. This volume for the first time brings toge­ther empi­ri­cal stu­dies com­pa­ring poli­cing stra­te­gies from Aus­tra­lia, Bri­tain, France, Ger­many, India, Lithua­nia, Swe­den and the United States. 

Table of Con­t­ents

1. Urban (In)Security – An Intro­duc­tion
Vol­ker Eick and Ken­dra Bri­ken

Sec­tIon I | Poli­cing the Urban Set­ting
2. Towards Glo­cal Move­ments? New Spa­tial Poli­tics for a Just City
Mar­git Mayer

3. My Brother’s Kee­per? Gene­ra­ting Com­mu­nity, Orde­ring the Urban
And­rew Wallace

4. ‘To take an accompt of all per­sons and things going in and out of the Citty’: Walls as Tech­ni­ques of Paci­fi­ca­tion
Saman­tha Pon­ting and George S. Rigakos

Andreas Lohner

Sec­tion II | Poli­cing as Urban Industry

6. Varie­ga­ted Forms of Poli­cing in Ger­many: From Police-Private Part­nerships to Pro­tec­tive Pro­sume­rism
Vol­ker Eick

7. Mana­ge­rial Con­trol of Work in the Pri­vate Secu­rity Indus­try in Aus­tra­lia
Peter Gahan, Bill Har­ley, and Gra­ham Sewell

8. Pri­vate Poli­cing in a Neo­li­be­ral Society: The New Rela­tion in Britain’s ‘Exten­ded Police Family’
Ali­son Wakefield

9. Pri­vate Secu­rity, Public Inse­cu­rity: The Casua­liza­tion of Employ­ment and its Effects in India
Ani­bel Ferus-Comelo

Sec­tIon III | Poli­cing the Urban Battleground

10. The Cri­mi­na­liza­tion of Glo­bal Protest:The App­li­ca­tion of Counter-Insurgency
Luis A. Fer­n­an­dez and Chris­tian Scholl

11. Aus­te­rity Era Poli­cing, Pro­test and Pas­si­vity
in Lithua­nia.
Aru­nas Juska and Charles Woolfson

12. Crea­ting Secu­rity and Fea­ring the Other in Rin­keby, Swe­den
Ann Rodenstedt

13.Working for the State: A Rea­ding of the French Police Dis­cour­ses on ‘Ban­lieues’
Mélina Germes

14. Urban (In)Security – A Syn­op­sis
and fur­ther Ques­ti­ons
Ken­dra Bri­ken and Vol­ker Eick

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