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mit Neil Brenner & Margit Mayer

Pod­cast des Urban Theory Lab der Har­vard Uni­ver­sity, anläss­lich der Ver­ab­schie­dung von Mar­git Mayer

Pod­cast 2: Mar­git Mayer

After a long win­ter and a busy semes­ter, we are deligh­ted to renew our pod­cast series through a dia­lo­gue with our long-time fri­end, com­rade and col­lea­gue, Mar­git Mayer, Pro­fes­sor at the Free Uni­ver­sity Berlin.

The con­ver­sa­tion was recor­ded on a beau­ti­ful Spring after­noon in Ber­lin, in a gar­den cour­tyard where a cho­rus of birds can be heard sin­ging in the back­ground.   Mar­git Mayer is among the most influ­en­tial scho­lars working in the field of cri­ti­cal urban stu­dies today.  Her many wri­t­ings on urban social move­ments under For­dism, post-Fordism, glo­ba­li­zed urba­niza­tion and neo­li­be­ral urba­nism have influ­enced gene­ra­ti­ons of urban thin­kers and activists con­cer­ned to under­stand the chan­ging con­texts of radi­cal and pro­gres­sive urban strugg­les.  Her most recent books include Neo­li­be­ral Urba­nism and its Con­te­sta­ti­ons (co-edited with Jenny Kün­kel; Pal­grave, 2012); Cities for People, not for Proft: Cri­ti­cal Urban Theory and the Right to the City (co-edited with Neil Bren­ner and Peter Mar­cuse; Rout­ledge, 2012); and Social Move­ments in the (Post-)Neoliberal City.  Civic City Cahier 1 (Lon­don: Bed­ford Press/AA, 2010).

Publi­ca­ti­ons rela­ted to this pod­cast:
– Mar­git Mayer (2009) The ‘right to the city’ in the con­text of shif­ting mot­tos of urban social move­mentsCITY, 13:2, 262–374.
– Mar­git Mayer (2013) First world urban activism: Beyond aus­te­rity urba­nism and crea­tive city poli­tics, CITY, 71:1, 5–19.
– Mar­git Mayer and Julie-Anne Bou­dreau, “Social move­ments in urban poli­tics: trends in rese­arch and prac­tice,” in Karen Moss­ber­ger, Susan E. Clarke, and Peter John edi­tors, Oxford Hand­book on Urban Poli­tics.  Oxford: Oxford Uni­ver­sity Press, 273–291.

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